Freshers Week

17 Sep


The first week or orientation here at King’s College is referred to as ‘Freshers Week’. Everyone moves in and there are events every night designed to get students out of their flats and meeting new people.

In just my first day of being on campus, I learned a lot of things. For example, don’t be surprised to walk into an on campus freshman meet and greet  and see everyone holding a beer in their hands that they picked up from a vending machine. Don’t tell your flat mates you are going to change into “pants” because they will assume you are not wearing underwear. Differentiating between crisps, chips, and cookies will give you a violent headache. People don’t say “different strokes for different folks” and “al-loo-min-nium” is what you wrap your “jacket potatoes” in.

It’s funny to find out the perceptions that other people have of Americans. People genuinely believe we Texans each have at least 2 semi-automatic weapons that we whip out when we get into a desert gunfight at the local saloon. Of course, I have assumptions about the British that are equally laughable.

So far, everything is going wonderfully. I am sharing a flat with four other girls and find them to be quite charming and friendly. We spent the day wandering the neighborhood, laughing at slight miscommunications and discussing what ‘brisket’ was.  I will try to post some pictures of my room and flat soon.



2 Responses to “Freshers Week”

  1. Marianne Piepenburg September 18, 2011 at 7:04 PM #

    So glad you have your blog up and running! I am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures and seeing all your photos this way!

    When you say you share a flat with 3 other girls — how does that work? Does that mean tha the 4 of you share the common louge area, or is that shared by a larger group?
    Where are they from? Are all the students from the US, or are you meeting some British students and students from other countries?

    Beer from a vending machine! What a concept! Who says Americans have the corner on ingenuity! White Zin from a vending machine — now that is an idea that merits exploration!

    Mustangs beat NW State 40-7! (Unfortunately they intercepted a pas and ran back for a touchdown with less an 1 minute to play, or it would have been a shutout!) We actually got some chants going between the student section and the alumni section last night! It was fun — one side would yell “Red” and the other would answer “Blue” and it went on for some time. Also some alums are getting into the sidestep and “woo” chant that the students like so much! If we keep winning, it could get to be alot of fun in the stands!

    Family Weekend went very well. Lots of parents at the BBQ and a very decent crowd at the game. It rained Friday night but no one complained about the rain. And Saturday was a beautiful day! We visited with the mom of one of Andrew’s friends and she said the Talent Show was amazing. We have to go back to that next year!

    We love you. Keep in touch!

  2. stalkingharry September 18, 2011 at 8:06 PM #

    My flat actually now has five other girls, and we are expecting one more for a grand total of seven. Our flat is actually like an apartment off of a main hallway. Only the seven of us have a key. Then, we each have individual rooms and we share a kitchen.

    Each of my flatmates are UK students from Essex, Birmingham and even Wales. I have met students from Malaysia, France, Norway and Scotland as well.

    If I find white zin in a vending machine, I may never come home.

    I am glad to hear that the game was so much fun and that Family Weekend went off without a hitch, despite the weather. Wish I was there!


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