Can Feet Fall Off?

20 Sep

Because if they can, mine are definitely about to. You don’t realize how much you drive EVERYWHERE in Dallas until you walk around a city like London. My feet forgot what they were for, besides pressing a gas pedal.

Today was no different – I walked practically all day. I am having some trouble with downloading photos from my camera into iPhoto, so today I shot all JPEGS. Here are a few pictures from today. Nothing special, but gives you a glimpse of what I saw on my walk.

Dangling sculpture


Borough Street Market

Southwark Cathedral

From inside Tooley Street Market

Tower Bridge

London architecture is very diverse. This ultra modern building at More London is strangely juxtaposed with the Gothic style of Tower Bridge and Tower of London, just meters away.

Two of my flatmates, Afsha (left) and Kuljit (right).

These hand-painted gorillas reminded me of the many Pegasus statues all around Dallas. They are fundraisers meant to draw attention to the extinctions caused by deforestation. One was even painted as Spiderman.

This one was meant to look like an old etching. Love the top hat!

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic was stopped  on each side while the bridge was raised for this boat.

More very modern architecture, lots of glass and interesting shapes – just down the bank from Somerset House.

That’s all for right now. Hopefully I will have more up soon and I will also be able to rescue the hostage photos stuck on my camera.



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